Dermatological Cosmetics

Why should you think different about the life, the maintenance, the treatment and repair processes of your skin?


Did you know?


The visible skin is made out of Keratin - the same material as hair and nails. Keratin is produced by specific cells in the lower skin layers and creates – as hardened squamous cells - the visible skin.  

Normal skin changes are the regular process of aging.

Regular skin changes are hereditary and determine the number of cell divisions. The genetic code gives the order to start the biological aging process of the skin approximately at the 25th year of life.

Keratin is produced by highly specialized cells which require biotin for their activity. Without biotin, healthy development of the skin is not possible. 


The two main reasons for accelerated aging of skin are a lack of Biotin and an overload of Free Radicals.


With less amounts of Biotin, the cell division rate is reduced, the aging process increases - the blood flow through the skin, the fatty tissue in the hypodermis and the ability to store humidity is reduced.


Free Radicals are the worst enemies of attractive skin. They are highly aggressive molecules which cause accelerated cellular oxidation in the body. They are everywhere and especially hidden in the ultraviolet solar radiation, smog, ozone and 100 billion are in each cigarette inhalation. Free Radicals destroy the specific Keratin-forming cells and leave the skin damaged, dull and old before its time.


For example: Sun exposure and cigarette smoking contribute independently from each other to facial wrinkle formation. When excessive sun exposure (>2 h/day) and heavy smoking occurred together, the risk for developing wrinkles is 11.4 times higher than that of non-smokers and those with less sun exposure at the same age.


The reason: Tobacco smoke extracts and UVA impairs the production of collagen, increases the production of tropoelastin, degrades matrix proteins, and leads to the degradation of collagen, elastic fibers, and proteoglycans. The result: an imbalance between biosynthesis and degradation in dermal connective tissue metabolism. For more information read in the rubric studies.

The orthomolecular effect in Dermatology


Nobody can stop the regular process of aging. But it is possible to delay the process and minimize the signs of aging skin.

There is no way to reach long lasting good results in the treatment of aging skin without protecting the skin from outside and treating it from inside. No matter how you try to get rid of dry skin, wrinkles, dull skin, aging spots etc. – the reason for the damage sits deep in your skin and out of reach of exclusively external care.

The orthomolecular effect in Dermatology is reached by the combination of protection and nourishing the skin from inside and out. The double acting effect of the simultaneous usage of a specific cream plus capsules with finely tuned ingredients improves the keratin production and works against free radicals from inside an out. The orthomolecular effect in dermatology delivers better results without side effects.  

Our studies prove: We can improve the number of cell divisions with specific doses and application of biotin - even if the genetic code gave the order to decline. And we can reduce the terrible influence of free radicals with our specific combination, dosage and application of antioxidants drastically.

The orthomolecular effect in Dermatology improves the conditions of:

- aging skin
- dry skin
- wrinkles
- dull skin
- aging spots
- “smokers skin” syndrome