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About Lift Complex®


Fact I:
Keratin - the most important building block for the skin - is produced by highly specialized cells which require biotin for their activity. Without biotin, healthy development of the skin is not possible.

Fact II:
Free Radicals are the worst enemies of an attractive skin. Free Radicals are highly aggressive molecules which cause accelerated cellular oxidation in the body. They are everywhere and especially hidden in the ultraviolet solar radiation, smog, ozone and 100 billion are in each cigarette inhalation. Free Radicals destroy the specific Keratin-forming cells and leave the skin damaged, dull and old before it’s time.

Fact III:
With Lift Complex® biotin is applied from inside and outside simultaneously by cream and capsules. This specific combination of biotin with pantothenate, lecithin, riboflavin and zinc supports the skin-forming cell growth and metabolic activities necessary to maintain healthy skin. At the same time, the protective effect of highly effective antioxidants defends against free radicals, which are present everywhere and represent the greatest threat to a healthy, attractive skin.

Fact IV:
Scientific studies have proven it: Deep wrinkles are reduced by up to 60%, small wrinkles usually disappear completely. Age spots are lightened, the vitality and elasticity of the skin are improved. Lift Complex® reduces the development of wrinkles. 

Fact V:
Lift Complex® complements every other form of wrinkles reduction by further improving and consolidating their effects. Lift Complex® can be combined with the use of any form of cosmetics, but Lift Complex® cream should always be applied first and then the cosmetic products.

Direction for use:
One capsule each evening with food. To optimize the nighttime function of the active agents apply the cream in the evening, it work’s best while you’re asleep.

As with any supplement consult a physician if you are taking prescription medicines, are pregnant, nursing or trying to get pregnant. Keep container tightly closed in a cool, dry and dark place. Keep out of reach of children.