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Why Generational and Symptom Specific Dermatological Products from Allderm?

Such as the heart, the liver, the eyes, and all of the organs, the skin too lives through the wonderful circle of life, which starts long before birth and will end with death. Whether this path through life becomes easy or difficult depends on two main factors. On the one hand, the inherited genetic code determines the number of cell divisions, which keeps your skin alive and functional. On the other hand, the skin – like all organs – is dependent on how it is protected, nurtured, and nourished during its life.

Normal skin changes…

…are the result of your inherited genetic code, which gives both – the instructions for the start of the life cycle and the aging process which starts at about 25 years of age. At this age, the aging process starts with a continuously decreasing number of cell divisions, reduced blood flow and nutrition; the skin‘s ability to renew and retain moisture decreases and the skin becomes thinner, drier and more vulnerable.

Accelerated skin changes…

…are almost always the result of influences on which you can act.

Extensive sun exposure, smoking, certain drugs, diets, environmental pollution and much more leads to the accumulation of so-called free radicals in the body. These are highly aggressive molecules that carry out meaningful tasks in small amounts, causing an accelerated oxidation process in large quantities, which damages and destroys cells. As an example, along with every inhalation on a cigarette, about 100 trillion free radicals are created which declare war on even the healthiest and attractive skin. The visible results of the destroying work of free radicals include pale, scaly-dry skin with pigmented spots and wrinkles.

Delayed skin changes…

..are the result of perfect protection, optimal care and targeted skin nutrition at any age. The genetically determined cell division rate cannot be accelerated, but can be slowed down by wrong or incomplete nutrition. For example, in addition to other skin-specific nutrients, the body needs 50 μg of biotin per day in order to be able to ensure skin renewal. If the supply of biotin – and many other micronutrients which are specifically required for the skin – is not ensured by daily diet, the use of only externally applied cosmetics mask but cannot influence the process of accelerated aging skin. Instead of eliminating the causes, typical symptoms such as wrinkles, age spots, dry skin, etc., are temporarily obscured or temporarily reduced without sustained results.

The problem can be solved by the simultaneous application of dermatological formulas with active ingredients which are able to correct, protect and care for the skin from the outside, and ensures at the same time the fine-tuned orthomolecular nutrition of the skin from the inside. If the daily diet does not meet the requirements, skin-specific dietary supplements such as Cuticaps® are the perfect choice.

Allderm® – because skin lives

The cycle of life follows a concept that leaves little to chance – this too is true for the skin. The combination of ingredients in all Allderm® products is based on this concept. They ensure and supplement the generationally- and symptom-orientated needs of changing skin. Active substances and indispensable micronutrients help and support the protection, the maintenance and – if necessary – the correction of skin changes.

Allderm® generation orientated and symptom specific dermatological formulas helps to preserve youthful skin, avoid dry skin, noticeably lighten age spots, and with a clinically proven injection like effect, diminish fine lines and distinctively decrease deep skin wrinkles almost immediately – the correct choice of situation-appropriate combination decides.

Healthy attractive skin in all ages, even advanced ages, is no accident. It is the result of optimal protection and skincare. Allderm® generation- and symptom specific dermatological formulas lay the foundation for the fact that skin can no longer be considered as the mirror reflection of the age, but as a vital expression of a healthy skin at every age.