Health and Herbs

Why Products from Health & Herbs?

The primary mission from Health & Herbs is to foster improved health and well being through the informed use of high quality herbs with prices which often deserve the phrase “unbeatable”.


Natural therapies can have enormous positive effects on your health when you get truthful information and choose the best source for quality. 


That's why Health and Herbs is dedicated to create only scientifically proven products, provide only truthful infomation about the health benefit of herbs, and choose the best source and highest quality of the raw materials and manufacture to the same high standards as pharmaceutical medicines.

The Health & Herbs quality assurance is based on a process that gives you the guarantee we do everything possible to make sure we make products that work for you. Plants are naturally complex and the quality of a finished product can vary enormously. That's the reason why we never substitute a high quality raw material herb for a less costly one and perform a lot of tests for microbe and radiation levels, heavy metal pesticides etc.

Why? - Your Health Comes First!